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Cozy New York City in Film

The toy juice carton 35mm camera was a long coveted dream of mine and finally, I had successfully managed to convince one of my friends to get it for me as a present. It is my second film camera (the first one is a much beloved holga) and I’ve been having a lot of fun taking photos with it this summer. No better way to encapsulate the coziness of New York than through film.

The gallery consists of some of my favorite shots from random city walks.

I think I still prefer the holga mostly because there is something about having only 12 shots per roll that makes the process of taking and composing shots extra careful and special as opposed to having an ability to snap away seemingly endlessly on the 35mm camera. Also, I was expecting more light leaks from the juice carton camera but for all its toyness, it’s actually pretty tight. I think I might have to “accidentally” pop it open a few time for my next roll.

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