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A Few Days in Los Angeles: Brunching, Beaching & Sightseeing

Phew, can't believe it's been an entire year since my last video! I'm alive (and have some huge updates to share! hopefully in the next video)

Last summer I simply
got overwhelmed with my work resuming (I work as a wedding photographer). I still updated my Tik Tok occasionally with NYC adventures + unboxing videos (, but I was finding it hard to edit videos for YouTube. I still recorded all my summer trips (we went to so many great places!) and bits of my daily life, and my hope is that ONE DAY I will catch up & edit some of those vlogs.

This LA vlog recorded back in March of 2020 (I know, what a time) was like a little fun time capsule for me to look through. The world had changed so much, and I do really miss the days of traveling without too many worries. This vlog truly is my love letter to Los Angeles & California as a whole, and to that relatively peaceful time.

The next vlog I'm working on is a life update of sorts, and pieces of my spring: cherry blossoms (always!), cafes, gardens, hiking.

Until next time.
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