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Parlay: Cozy Brunch Spot in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

The Sunset Park neighborhood in Brooklyn is one of those space warps that can only happen in NYC. Walking down 8th and 7th Avenues will feel exactly like traveling to China, while a stroll down 5th Avenue will take you to Mexico (6th Avenue is no man’s land, but the divide is quickly blurring). The past three months that I’ve lived in this space warp has been lovely and it has become one of my missions as of late to explore all the cafes and foodie spots around here. More coverage of delicious Chinese and Mexican food later (there is a loooot!), but for now, photos from Parlay, a super cozy spot that serves New American brunch fare, pastries, and outstanding coffee.

Parlay: Cozy Brunch in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

There also have matcha latte which is all the rage now and which is like regular latte except it’s prettier. And healthier probably. And also gives you less of a caffeine rush if you’re caffeine sensitive. I just got it for the prettiness, to be honest. I also love that Parlay has the option to make it with almond or soy milk instead of regular milk. The world is a little less evil to us, lactose intolerants, one matcha latte w/almond milk at a time.

Parlay: Cozy Brunch in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Where am I looking? No one knows.

We paid our first visit to Parlay on a rainy, downright horrible day, but Parlay’s cozy atmosphere and delicious food made everything better.

Parlay: Cozy Brunch in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Parlay: Cozy Brunch in Sunset Park, BrooklynFor actual food, we ordered Malaysian Curry, a Pulled Pork Sandwich, and a side of Sweet Potato Fries that came with Sriracha Mayo.

The Malaysian Curry was simply amazing. Just the right amount of spices & heat to make it the comfortest food of all comfort foods. Girlfriend approved of this curry, and she’s Malaysian, and SHE NEVER LIKES ANY CURRY ANYWHERE, so this is quite the high praise.

Parlay: Cozy Brunch in Sunset Park, BrooklynThe Pulled Pork Sandwich was really good as well. I liked that it’s served on a warm toast. The pork was super juicy and came with caramelized onions and mushrooms. Yum.

Parlay: Cozy Brunch in Sunset Park, BrooklynSweet Potato Fries are like God’s food, so do I need to say more? Sriracha Mayo was a nice touch and paired well with the fries. Isn’t it great that we live in a world where both Sriracha Mayo and Curry Mayo are a thing now?

Parlay: Cozy Brunch in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Parlay: Cozy Brunch in Sunset Park, BrooklynIn conclusion: Antler looking wood pieces on the wall look really cool and visit this place if you’re ever in Sunset Park!

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  • Reply Amy

    That curry looks so good! I still haven’t made it over to New York and Brooklyn but I’m really hoping to visit next year. I’ll have to add this place on my list of places to go when I eventually get there! Also snap, we have the same blog theme haha! 😀 x

    April 29, 2016 at 6:12 pm
    • Reply Julia

      I’m glad the curry looks enticing. YES! If you come to New York, you must explore Brooklyn. It’s the best borough, in my opinion 😉

      Oh haha, that’s awesome. I haven’t come across any blogs with the same theme so this is cool. Your blog looks great. And thank you for stopping by!

      April 30, 2016 at 12:37 pm
  • Reply Lix

    I keep sort of vaguely wanting to try matcha tea, but it is tea so I’m obviously not trying very hard. I also tried green tea a while back and it tasted kind of like medication? But it does look so good! The pulled pork sandwich looks even better.

    May 2, 2016 at 4:34 pm
    • Reply Julia

      Matcha tea is VERY strong green tea. It’s made from ground green tea leaves and it definitely has distinctive flavor. That’s why there are so many desserts made with matcha–it’s almost like cocoa in that regard. Matcha latte tastes similar to regular coffee latte so you might like that. You probably tried a traditional variety of Japanese green tea…Those taste like grass to me too. You should try Jasmine Green Tea. It’s very delicate and delicious. That’s how I got hooked on green tea. My girlfriend loves hojicha –toasted green tea. It has a really great toasted flavor. Anyway, don’t get me started on tea, I can talk forever!

      May 2, 2016 at 5:28 pm

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