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T Shop: Cozy Tea Haven in the Heart of New York City

The winter of 2015 was tough for New Yorkers. We’ve lived through a snowstorm after snowstorm, bitter cold that didn’t seem to relent for even a day, and then a lagging spring that just refused to give us warm weather until May. As I’m writing this on a sultry, July afternoon while sipping on a yuzu refresher, the winter seems so distant, as to become almost mythical. But that’s New York for you—so schizophrenic that when it’s summer and you are melting in your own skin, all memories of the cold are wiped out (what is snow? what does it feel like?) and when it’s winter, you forget what it’s like to step out of the house and not have your body assaulted with the freezing wind and not hate your life.

It was on such a grim, winter day that I chanced to visit T shop, traditional tea shop, tucked away in the back of a building in NoHo.

It was the most perfect place to be on that hellish day. And it’s a great place to visit on any day of the year, especially if you want to get away from it all. T shop offers a cozy space to indulge in some of the most affordable high quality tea you can find in all of New York City.

The first thing you’ll notice when you’ll step inside the shop is how open and uncluttered it feels. There are wooden tables and wooden finishes all over the place, and there are a few decorations such as pots of succulents and various teaware, but nothing feels overwhelming and there is an overall sense of quiet that let’s you breathe deeper and better.

IMG_2399 copy

IMG_2432 copy

IMG_2477 copy

IMG_2554 copy

tea fortune telling, anyone?

The shop’s owner, Theresa, will most likely be there to greet you with a smile. Theresa is passionate about her craft and can tell you a lot about tea. She personally travels to Taiwan every season to pick out the highest grade tea for her store.

IMG_2450 copy

IMG_2467 copy

At T shop, you have several options for proceeding with your meditative tea drinking. You can either order a cup of tea, get a tea tasting accompanied by Theresa’s expertise, or brew a pot at your own table.

I picked the tea tasting option and it was a great opportunity to try Theresa’s recommendation for the day—High Mountain Tea which had an earthy, smooth taste, and which I absolutely loved.

IMG_2524 copy

IMG_2493 copy

IMG_2492 copy

Theresa steeped the leaves several times for us and although the tea got quite dark at some point, I was impressed with how smooth the taste remained.

IMG_2530 copy

A few black & white photos to round up the symphony of tea making that you can experience at T shop.

IMG_2534diffcopy copy copy

IMG_2534diffcopy copy

IMG_2534diffcopy copy12

I ended up buying some of the loose tea available for sale (another great option) to soothe my dark, winter nights. I’ve since finished that batch and am looking forward to going back and getting more.

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