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Té Company: Cozy Tea Room in West Village

I fell in love with Té Company as soon as I walked into its gorgeous, zen space tucked away in West Village. This happened on a quiet, gloomy day just before a huge snowstorm was due to hit the city and so we ended up as the only patrons in the tea room for almost two hours that we spent there. Everything about Té Company embodies comfort and coziness, from its simple decor accentuated by thoughtful touches like leaves placed on each table (which I can only guess were picked up right outside), to a very specific menu that consists of artisan oolong tea and a few snacks.

I found out about Té Company with the help of a GrubStreet article recommending their pineapple linzer cookie. So not only was there the prospect of discovering another artisan shop offering Taiwanese tea fare (check out TShop in Nolita, my favorite cozy tea nook), but there was also the prospect of cookies.

Yes, please.


the pineapple linzer in all its glory

We got lucky because we snatched the last cookie. There are only 10 available each day so make sure to come early if you want a shot at one! The cookie was extremely flavorful. From what I understand, linzers generally are as they are made with lemon zest, but this pineapple creation was also topped with pepper and salt. The bold flavors created a nice contrast with the mellow and smooth oolong tea. I’m not sure I would eat this cookie on its own though.

As for the actual tea, we went with Honeyed Evergreen. There is a whole book that serves as a menu you can read to make a selection for your tea, but to be honest, I didn’t dwell on it too much and simply picked this particular variety for its name. Anything honeyed is great and evergreen is just too beautiful of a word. Instagram photo to illustrate the perfection of a color that is oolong tea.

Utter tranquility. #tealovers #teatime #teashop #oolong #rsa_minimal #vsco #vsocam #vscomoment #vscofood

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tea book aka menu


dead leaves make everything beautiful

cozynewyorkcitytecompany7 cozynewyorkcitytecompany8 cozynewyorkcitytecompany cozynewyorkcitytecompany3

We spent two hours in Té Company and just did not want to leave. Go for the tea and stay for the nirvana of relaxation you will achieve at this place.

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  • Reply Lix

    I wanna go there and have a nap right now.

    February 26, 2016 at 7:01 pm
    • Reply Julia

      YES! Doesn’t it just live and breathe tranquility and zen?

      March 31, 2016 at 9:02 pm

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