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Visiting Winter Flea + Smorgasburg For Their Last Weekend @ Industry City

Brooklyn Flea + Smorgasburg is a staple weekend activity that every New Yorker has committed themselves to at least once. Most likely at the Williamsburg location along the East River bank with the not-too-shabby views of the city. However, the Williamsburg location is seasonal and closes for the winter; so if you have a pressing need to indulge in some premium snacks from the foodie market and peruse wares of varying degrees of vintage that no one can afford, and it’s wintertime, you’d have to trek all the way down to Industry City in Sunset Park. Luckily for me, Industry City, is only a few blocks away from my new apartment. Between moving woes and a trip I took to Mexico in March, I only managed to enjoy the market twice, and the second time on their last weekend at Industry City. But both visits were lovely, and I highly recommend checking out Industry City with or without Brooklyn Flea, if you haven’t yet.


On the way to Industry City, spotting magnolias, the first heralds of spring.

My girlfriend and partner-in-crime came along with me on the second visit to pose for photos because: 1) Industry City is a dope location for a photoshoot, 2) I thought girlfriend’s rather dashing style needed to be documented.


Girlfriend in action.



I remember a time, about 10 years ago (gods, have I lived in this city that long?) when this part of town was nothing but an industrial wasteland. I remember going up on an old, creaking elevator, in some shady warehouse, wondering if I’ve entered a time warp and ended up in the 60s and whether I was going to get killed or abducted (because what other options?)


And now, the warehouses have been filled with flea markets (or the just one seasonal Brooklyn Flea market), bakeries, creative workshops, office lofts, and don’t even know what other obscure-but-totally awesome things.


Unlike the Williamsburg location which gets unpleasantly crowded, Industry’s enormous size makes for an ideal flea market location. People and their strollers can actually move around! Without hurting other humans! Amazing.



Plants. That’s what I like to see. Give me a whole market of plants.


One of my favorite vendors at Brooklyn Flea is Little Gardens, selling succulents and air plants. I cannot walk past a succulent shop and not buy something.

Succulents are life, y/y?

Walk across the whole length of the floor that hosts the market, take photos in a hallway with gorgeous light, and then walk back to reach foodie’s heaven located on the other side, Smorgasburg.


Prickly Pear Cactus Lemonade. Looks pretty. Tastes like lemonade.

We’ve had ramen from Ramen Shack on our last trip (so good!) so we decided to skip it this time, but stopped by briefly nonetheless to appreciate the coziness of the booth.


Tacos from Oaxaca Taqueria did not disappoint. In fact, they were incredible. And this is coming from someone who was in Mexico just a week prior (though not in Oaxaca unfortunately) gorging on all sorts of tacos.


Flavorful. Colorful. A+++.

Mushroom/tofu brown rice bowl from Adobo Shack, Filipino inspired food. It was good, but the whole time I was eating it, I had this nagging feeling I should be eating something else because it is way too healthy and light for a Saturday lunch. I was probably just craving doughnuts from Dough.


A few more photos with industrial grunge to complete the lookbook and we were ready to go home (and get more tacos on the way from Tacos El Bronco).




Me attempting a sultry look and failing miserably. But hey, at least I got to show off my moon earrings.

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  • Reply Lix

    ahh. I love this so much. Your photos are so beautiful! The succulents (which I don’t even like!) and the magnolias and your girlfriend and !!!!

    April 1, 2016 at 5:05 pm
  • Reply Julia

    Thank you! You’re the first person to tell me they don’t like succulents, but I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures nonetheless ;). Magnolias are girlfriend are indeed ❤.

    April 1, 2016 at 6:04 pm
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