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moments from my summer in North Jersey: nature, cafes, cinematic drone footage

Hi all!

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you might already know...But I am expecting! Our baby girl is due on October 3rd. We're so excited! And busy with ...
preparations. On the other hand, husband & I also trying to enjoy each other's company & this summer weather before we get too busy being parents.

The summer is sure not making it easy for us though. It's been a heatwave after heatwave here 🥵

Still we've had some really fun adventures so far. Going to cafes and lots of local parks, and doing small day trips. Husband also purchased a drone in the beginning of summer and has had a blast flying it and supplying me with some juicy vlog footage. Some of that footage makes an appearance here!

**Special shout-out to Cotton for being such a good participant in my videos. Unfortunately, our other cat, Chloe, is a little more shy.

Places mentioned in this vlog:

Gaonnuri, - penthouse KKBQ restaurant in the city with a set menu. The views are amazing, especially around sunset. However, it is PRICEY for what you get. The meat is really good, as are the side dishes, and the dessert, but to be honest, I left a bit hungry, haha. We didn't have to pay (husband's work did!) and it probably wouldn't be our first choice for KKBQ in city, but it was a nice experience nonetheless.

Prince Tea House, - not a very traditional tea house, but this place has great dessert (and some real food options)! There are a few different locations in NYC, but we went to the one in Princeton. Sometimes it's easier to drive somewhere for an hour where you know it will be quiet and not busy than attempt to drive into the city and battle parking and crowds. If you know, you know.

Kotea Cafe, - just a local cafe with very relaxing outdoor seating. They have a variety of snacks & desserts and great coffee. I've been trying to explore more cafes around me...if only it wouldn't be so hot so I could actually leave my house.

For the next vlog I'm hoping to fit in the baby moon trip we took to New Orleans & some other summer adventures. Until next time ❤️


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